Since may 6th, 2012…

Biggest wave caught – couple feet overhead

Smallest- ankle high garbage at low tide

First barrel- August 5th at Kure Beach. A left.

Hardest day- 2 weeks after hurricane sandy there was some nor’easter. The ocean was craaaazy. Nobody was out. It was pouring rain and freezing cold. I think the winds were around 25-30 mph out of east. It was even rougher than the hurricane 2 weeks earlier. I paddled out with a friend and tried for 30 min to get out. We couldn’t. Current carried us about 1000 yards within 5 minutes. Had to go home, wait, put back on a cold wet suit, and paddle back out to catch one. Caught white water that was probably off a 10 foot wave.

Midnight full moon sessions- May, June, July. All at midnight. All fun.

Funnest- anytime the whole J crew surfs.

Most memorable- helping Oceancure help out with Life Rolls On. See pic below.

Biggest shark sighted-6 to 7 foot.

Closest dolphin-arms length.

Worst injury- knocked my head wiping out so hard that my nose bled and I threw up… However I did manage to paddle back out and gets few more in. Surfed with whooping cough for 4 months. My previous injuries include 15 stitches in he forehead, mana war stings, broken ribs, partially collapsed lung.

Hurricane Sandy- oak island with friends and kure beach when it crossed over. Very rough on day 2. Had to catch white water when it was too rough and nobody was out. See pics below.

Favorite board- the experience by Jimmy Keith.

Favorite place – the cove.


Life Rolls On with Beca


10 foot wave at pipe.


me catching white water of that wave.


Teaching Todd and Sarah how to surf

My daughter going down the line!

A wave at the cove about to take me out.


Love this pic. Me catching a nice wave in background

Whale that washed on shore

Me taking off in Santa hat on Christmas Eve

Fun at pipe

Kaila catching wave


4 thoughts on “Pics

  1. These pics rock love the Santa Hat, you riding the pipe and the your daughter catching her wave like Dad. Keep it up !!!!

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