imageWell I’m 8 months late but I though it was time to start a blog. This originally started in 2011 when I wanted to see how many days in a row I could go surfing. I lived about ten miles from the beach at the time and was going to try to go through the whole summer. Well I got to 38 days in a row and then had to leave for a training program for school in Asheville. So that streak was history. 38 straight days was hard and I knew it would be a challenge to top that again but this past summer (2012) I was going to try to get to 100 consecutive days. I ended up getting very lucky by renting out my house in wilmington and finding a nice little cottage in Kure Beach. It is directly across the street from the ocean and I moved in the day of the CFCC graduation ceremony (may 5th, 2012). The next day I started my 100 day quest. Living 100 yards away made it easy. I was on summer break, the weather was nice, water was warm, and days were long.. It just so happens that from graduation to the first day back to school was exactly 100 days so I didn’t have to really worry about work interfering with anything. Once I got to 100 I planned on quitting. But I though that I would go until summer was over. After that I wanted to try to go for 200. That was twice my original goal and if I didn’t make it I would not have been upset. I once I got to 200 I wanted to make it through the entire fall with catching a wave everyday. I then started having people encouraging me to go for 365 days in a row. A friend of mine runs a non-profit organization called Ocean Cure. It serves a great cause. So instead of quitting before it got too cold i thought i should try surfing 365 days straight and raise money while doing so. See link to see what Ocean Cure is about and to donate. I shoulda started blogging on day one but I never really knew it would get this far. So now I will start blogging every day on my way to 365. Hopefully.


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  1. “Spirit is an invisible force made visible in all life.”, by Maya Angelou. This looks like a beautiful and fun way to help those involved in Ocean Cure. Suzanne Casha

  2. That’s ” Great Discipline” for a worthy cause!!! I hope & pray that you reach your goal helping Ocean Cure. Good Luck 🙂 Wilhelmina Harper ( Kathy)

  3. What a beautiful thing these people are doing..thank you for sharing Mr. Shaw 🙂
    I would love to be out there supporting if I weren’t so terrified of sharks!!
    Good luck!

  4. At least the weather is finally warming up. I really hope this experience didn’t ruin surfing for you. It’s amazing, what your doing, and the causes you are helping. How you manage to be a teacher, dad, and surf every day is beyond me. I can barely get my homework done. I would say good luck but your almost there. 🙂 Keep it going.

  5. I think that it wonderful that there is an organization that can help wounded soldiers and children with help problem because they are both precious gifts. Our Vets are sometimes forgotten and that makes me sad because they give up so much so that we can have the freedoms that we often take for granted.

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