May 6-

May 6- 10 waves. Head high. KB. Kerri

May 7- 10 waves. Shoulder. The pipe. Byron Kerri Beca Clinton

May 8- 10 waves. Chest. The pipe. Same.

May 9- 11 waves. Thigh. The pipe. Same plus Josh and Ryan. 5 more with Beca in from of house.

May 10- 15 waves. Knee. The pipe. Kerri Keith Ryan. 6 more with Keith and Brian at J.

May 11- 2 waves. Shin. KB. Beca. 5 more with Beca Jeff and Clinton at J. Did a few handstands on the surfboard for first time ever.

May 12- 4 waves. Waist. Pipe. Byron Kerri. Went back out at J ave with Byron, Clinton, Beca, Jen, Chris and Ryan. Lost track of how many waves I caught. At least 20. Probably 40…

May 13- caught one fun knee high wave about 5 minutes before Kaila’s bus picked her up. In front of house. Perfect timing..was in water less than 4 minutes….

May 14- 9 waves. Beca Clinton. In front the the house. Thigh high.

May 15- Day 375 – 4 waves. Pipe. Josh. Kerri. Byron. Knee high. Went again with Josh and caught 7 more.

May 16- 3 waves. I ave. Beca. Knee.

May 17- 3 waves. In front of house. Knee. 2 more at J by myself.

May 18- did Life Rolls On at Wrightsville beach for 8 hours. Another great event. Hope to get pics up soon. After Life Rolls On me and Beca went to I ave and I caught 5 thigh high waves.

May 19- went out at 10 with Beca Byron and Kerri at J ave and surfed about an hour then went from 12-5 with Beca Byron Kerri Josh Steve Jenn and John. 6 hour beach day! Great waist high waves. Caught between 20-30. Getting better at doing handstand on board.

May 20- went with Shayne at j ave at 11 for 2 hours… 10-12 waves. Chest high… Went back out with Byron and Beca at 6 for another hour. Caught 7 more.

May 21- went with Kerri and Byron at sunrise at Pipe. Waist high. 7 waves. Went back out with Shayne at 2 and caught 10….went back a 3rd time with Byron and Kerri by pier for 45 min and caught 8 more..

May 22- went with Clinton for an hour early afternoon in front of house…waist. 10 waves..

May 23- In front of house.. Waist high. 3 waves.

May 24- 1st session- 5:45 AM with Clinton, Kerri, and Byron at the pipe for about 90 min. Waist high. Caught 8. 2nd session- 11 at J ave with Byron. Caught 6 more. Surfed another hour.

May 25- went at 11 Am and stayed till 6:45… Surfed 4 times… J ave.. Caught 20-30 waves. Paddled out with A bunch of people… Jeff, Austin, Kaila, Beca, Jenn, Steve, Dave, Kyle..

May 26- went at noon at J and stayed till 7.. Surfed 3 times. 15-20 waves…Kaila, Beca, Kerri, John, Byron, Steve, Jenn, Kyle. Waist high. Fun day at beach.

May 27- went at noon again but only stayed 2 hours in front of house. Caught 10 waist high waves with Beca and Byron.

May 28- went at 2 pm and caught 3 thigh high waves doing headstands before picking up Kaila. Went back out with Kaila and caught 3 more before going to Raleigh.

May 29- got back from Raleigh at 4 pm and caught 7 knee high waves with Kaila and Beca from H-J.

May 30- went to pelican with Beca, Byron and Kerri at 5:30 AM. Caught 6 waves. Knee high. Went back out in front of house at 2 and caught 7 more.

May 31- went out at pipe at 5:30 with Kerri and Byron. Caught 7 waves. Went back out with Jeff and Clinton at 3 in front of house. Caught 10 more.

June 1- went at 9:30 with Jeff, Byron, Beca, Kerri, and Keith. Paddled out two separate times. Thigh high waves. Caught around 20.

June 2- went to CB boardwalk at 6 with Kerri, Byron, and Beca. Caught 6 waves then taught 3 hours of surf lessons. Thigh.

June 3- went to Kure Beach Village with Beca and Steve at noon and caught 7 waves. Thigh high.

June 4- went to Texas ave with Kerri, Byron, and Clinton. Surfed about 90 minutes. 10-15 waves. Thigh-waist.

June 5- horrible conditions but went out and caught 2 waves. 1 on feet and 1 doing headstand.

June 6- choppy. Went out and caught 1 waist high fun wave.

June 7- tropical storm Andrea. Went out during peak of storm and caught 1 wave lifeguards were watching just in case… Went back out with Kevin at pipe and caught 4 more. Extremely drifty.

June 8- went out with Beca at 830 in front of house and caught 3 nice sized waves. Went back out in afternoon with Jeff Beca Kyle and Dave. Caught 6 more.

June 9-DAY 400! Taught surf lessons for 2 hours then paddled out at J with Byron, Beca, and Kaila. Saw a shark. Caught 5 waves…

June 10- thought about stopping but went at 6 pm and caught 3 waves. With Beca in front of house.

June 11- went at noon at J and caught 4 waves. 2 headstand waves.

June 12- went at 6:30 am at pipe with Byron Scott and Beca. Waist to stomach. Caught 6. Went back out at noon with Kaila Byron and Beca. J ave. caught 10-15 more.

June 13- went at 2 with Byron Beca Keith and Kaila. Caught 5 waves. 2 on feet and 3 on head.



June 14- went surfing with Beca and Keith at j. Caught 5 waves

June 15- Beca and Keith and Kaila and Kaley at j. Caught 12 waves.

June 16- Beca and Keith and Josh at j. Caught 5 waves.

June 17- Beca and Byron and Kaila at I. Caught 5 waves.

June 18- Beca, Byron, Josh, Clinton, Brian, Jim, Ryan. Pipe. 9 waves.

June 19- Byron and Clinton at pipe then surfed with surf students. 15 waves.

June 20- intl surf day. Caught 3 waves at j with shayne and Beca. Paddle boarded for an hour.

June 21- went to j and surfed for 30 minutes. 4 waves.

June 22- very choppy but had a 2 hour surf lesson with Hillarie. Then went and surfed j for 45 minutes. 7 waves.


June 23- went to the very end of north end with Odysea surf instructors. Paddled boarded jet skied and surfed. Caught 3 waves with Brandon, Beca Byron and Kaila.


June 24- went to pipe at 6:30 with Byron. Caught 8 waves. Went to j at noon with Beca and caught 5 more.

June 25- went in front of house at 7. Caught 1 wave. Went to J at noon with Beca and Byron and caught 7 more. Went to j at 8pm and caught 5.

June 26- went to pelican at 630 with Byron and caught 8.

June 27- went out with Beca and Kaila. Caught 4 waves. Orr importantly we caught the first ever Shaw party wave.

June 28- went to boardwalk with Byron at 730. Caught 9 waves. Went back out with Odysea surf instructor and caught 2. Went back to Kure with Beca and Kaila and caught 5 more.

June 29-10 waves at J with Kerri Byron Beca me Keith

June 30-3 waves at J

July 1-5 waves

July 2- 5 waves

July 3- 8 waves with Beca and Byron. 5 more at H with Byron Jon Kerri. 4 more during fireworks at party

July 4- 11waves at J with Byron and Beca.

July 5- private lesson with Kian then surfed with Beca and Byron at j. 9 waves.

July 6- surfed with Devann


July 7- surfed j with Byron Kaila and Beca… 12 waves.

July 8- surfed j with Byron Kaila and Beca. Caught 15 waves.

July 9- went to pipe with Beca Byron Kerri and josh. Caught 6. Went back out with Beca at I and caught 4 more.

July 10-went to north end in am with Kerri Beca and Byron. Caught 8.

July 11- went to j in am and caught 3. Went back out with Beca and Kaila and caught 2 more.

July 12- went to boardwalk with Byron and Kevin and Kerri and caught 6. Went back out to I with Byron and Steve and caught 12 more.

July 13- 2 waves in huge choppy surf alone in front of house.

July 14- 3 waves at h.

July 15-6 waves at I with Keith..

July 16- 14 waves at pipe with Byron Kerri Scott Keith and Beca. 4 more at j with Kaila and Beca.

July 17- 2 waves at boardwalk with marine quest and 1 more in front of house…

July 18- 14 waves at pipe with Kerri, Keith, Josh , Byron and Beca…. Taught 2 hours of lessons with some really cool kids from Utah then 1 final wave.



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