May 2

Day 362

Went out at 7:30 AM and had a tough time. It was so choppy I could not get all the way outside so I had to just catch a small one inside. It was so rough. And choppy. Just one wave. The waves were about 4-5 feet. Did not have a good session.

About 6 Clinton came down and we went and looked at it. I didn’t really wanna go again but we decided to try it for 20 minutes. Ended up having a blast. They were in the shoulder high range and I caught 4 more. Surfed for about 75 minutes. Had a few great wipeouts. It was still choppy but so much fun. Good call Clinton.

Waves in the morning. Because of the 20 mph winds and it being cold I was only one on beach. Very disorganized waves.


Beca came out to take a pic of one wave and it was the smallest one of the day…. 10 minutes earlier and I would have had a good pic to show here.

Only 3 more…

Tree at end of our street that looks like a wave when the sun sets.


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