April 7

Day 337

Went out around 12:30 to I avenue with Shayne, Ryan, and Beca. Waves were stomach high. Fairly clean. Stayed about 90 minutes and caught 8 waves. A lot of fun but forgot how quickly surfing in the sun will wear you out. Exhausted. It was around 70° and felt really good outside.

Went back out around 6:30 with Beca. First wave I caught was possibly the best wave I’ve had in 2013. Head high. Couldn’t believe how great it was and couldn’t wait to see the pics. I was thinking about actually finally creating myself a Facebook profile JUST to show off this wave. Beca was onshore with camera and said it was the best wave I’ve ever caught but…. The camera had died and she had not taken a picture. Of course… Ended up catching 5 fun waves though.







Me, Beca, Shayne, Brandon and Kaila surfing.


Ryan caught a bunch of good ones today.

I found this rope floating out near end of pier. I had no clue what it was so paddled out to it. It was very heavy to bring in. It must have come off the dredging boat because it was thick and strong.


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