March 27

Day 326

Midnight surf sessions are always intense. I was afraid I would run into flat waves so I stayed up and surfed across the street at 12:01 am to get my day in. It’s the first full moon midnight surf session I’ve done since last summer. All are fun. There is a little bit of anxiety in the dark because that’s when sharks like to feed but it just adds to the excitement. The waves were in the knee high range. I went out and caught 1 wave and came in. Beca stood on the walkway and took a few pics but none came out.. The wave I caught was extremely fun. Would be willing to bet I was the first person on the entire east coast to catch a wave on 03/27/2013…


Wore the neon glow sticks!
Full moon was out. It really lit up the water. The pictures we took didn’t do it justice because they all just came out black. Even with a flash..may do it again tmrw night if someone joins me… Any takers? It’s fun!!


7 thoughts on “March 27

  1. WOW!!! I would be scared out of my mind. On the water at night with the sharks that is something I would have to pass on, but would love to be on the beach watching and seeing the glow stick in the dark that would be really cool.

  2. Talk about an adrenaline rush!! I think it is awesome that you found a way to do what you love and help out so many people in the process. Keep it up, you have almost reached 365!! 🙂

  3. “The threat of something going horribly wrong adds to the excitement”…This is your quote?? Sounds like typical gun advocate, tea bagger, pro-choice, right wing rhetoric that has gotten this country to where we stand today. I ran across this blog through social media and am not surprised you are from the south. People WAKE UP! Check out a blog that stands for sanity..
    Do not be fooled by arguments that gay marraige is against nature, Do not be fooled by bible thumpers saying the bible forbids it, Do not be fooled by arguments for the future children generations being affected. This is AKIN TO SLAVERY!!!
    please all visit my site and support the greater cause.

  4. I’m sure it’s very rewarding to help bring awareness to a non-profit organization like Ocean Cure. They help support some great causes. Keep up the good work! You’re almost there.

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