March 24

Day 323

Horrible conditions today. Pouring rain. Very windy. Just walking the board across the street was hard. Wind was blowing me all over the place. Conditions were very poor. Extremely choppy. I felt bad again. My daughter has pneumonia and I fear I may as well but I did get out and catch a wave. I was only out about 10 minutes. It was white water off a chest high wave.


Look at all the white water. Very hard to get out in that.

Wind blowing hard.


6 thoughts on “March 24

  1. It’s amazing the dedication you have to this cause! It’s good to know there are noble people left in this world willing to contribute for the greater good of others! Kepp up the awesome job!!!

  2. This is so inspiring. My husband is very into this. He surfed for years until we had our baby last July. Between a full time job, a wife, and a baby, it is very difficult for him to find any time at all. I showed him this and we loved the idea of the whole family surfing together! Plus, we loved how it was for a wonderful cause. It is so great how you can balance everything between family, work, surfing, and charity.

  3. You are very inspiring to so many people. I hope that both you and your daughter get better fast. Drink lots of fluids to help you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many and doing this for such a great cause.

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