March 16

Day 315

Went out at Kure again. Beca and Kaila went and took pictures. The waves were knee high. Clean. The wind was blowing hard. 20-30 mph. But it was warm. 75° at 4 when I paddled out. I took the wavestorm board. Havent surfed that in about a year. If you want a cheap board($115) then Costco has them. Good to learn on. This thing has been beat up, dropped, and ridden about a thousand times and it still floats. Wanted to try to go out without gloves. That wasn’t so bad so I tried without boots. After that I ran home and put on swim trunks to just try it. I ended up catching 7 waves total. Kaila paddled out and caught one without a wet suit as well to show her dad it wasn’t that big of a deal.

No gloves!!



No gloves or boots!!

No wetsuit…easy.



Kaila going out!

Warm weather is here!


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