March 7

Day 306

Didn’t get out till about 2:30. Waves were REALLY good. Chest high sets were coming in. I didn’t have anyone to go with so I stayed about 30 minutes. I caught 2 decent waves and one great one.
Also, I happened to be in the Island Gazette yesterday. Pretty cool article written by Libby about me trying to get to 365. Only 59 more days…I’ve got the next ten days off and the waves and sun both look like they’re coming next week. My fingers are crossed


Fun easy waves. Offshore winds were still strong and they were hard getting into.

Tried to get the ocean in the background but ended up getting this trashcan:(

Ocean still didn’t make this pic.

Island Gazette article


2 thoughts on “March 7

  1. Hello Ben!!! Waves!!!! I’ve got the next several days off. I hope to go today right after low tide. Let me kno when and where u r going if u want. 910 547 3693.

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